Brands of Bursa

    The Unrivalled Brand inChestnut: Kafkas

    Kafkas Patisseries illustrious from America to Europe,are today continuing their production in theirmodern facilities covering 6.500 m2 area. The founderof the company, Ali fiakir Tatveren, was born inBitola (Manast›r), Yugoslavia. He has carried thecandy business he learnt from his father,… READ »

    The Brand that Introduced Turkish Towels to World: Özdilek

    Özdilek, founded in Bursa in 1971, is the largestcorporation of towel sector in Turkey with its featuressuch as: a production volume of 9000 tons, 3860personnel, 37 million USD export volume, 150 million USD gross profit. If we take a look… READ »

    The First Washing Machine ofTurkey: Tolon

    Kamil Tolon had designed many devices at his littleworkshop in his house. One of them was ironsaw. A businessman of Bursa, Fahri Bat›ca, hadsupported Tolon and assumed the sale of this saw.This device was mass produced by him and is… READ »

    Once, There Was Only”Kamil Koç” in Transport Services

    Kamil Koç, born in 1902 at Pazaryeri, had enteredinto transport business in 1923 by carrying loadswith his water buffalo-cart between Pazarc›k andBursa. He had obtained a driving licence in 1926and begun to carry passengers between Bursa-Karaköytrain stations. He continued his… READ »

    The Brand ExpandingAcross the World from Bursa:Uludağ Sodapop

    Bursa is an exuberant city giving birth to worldwidebrands. The soda of Uluda¤ is a brand, of whichErbak family has presented to world markets fromBursa. Uluda¤ sodapop and its creator Nuri Erbakare recognized as legends in history of sodapop.The father… READ »