Bursa, A City of Culture

    Ist Bursa International Silk RoadFilm Festival

    The prestigious 1st International Silk Road FilmFestival that realized by the Metropolitan Municipalityof Bursa between 13-17 December 2006, hascolored the artistic and cultural life of Bursa, a uniquemetropolis that has managed to preserve its culturethrough time. Presenting Bursa film enthusiastsa… READ »

    From Turkish Classic Musicto SymphonyMusical Culture in Bursa

    Bursa Symphony Orchestra organizes 30 concertweeks each year and 18.000 people attends them.State Chorus of Classical Turkish Music continuesits activities with 39 artists within Ministry of Cultureand Tourism. 22 concerts attended by 15.000people are given by them annually.In the Municipality… READ »

    Bursa Photography Days

    Ara Güler, the seventh greatest photographer of theworld, was the honorary guest of 16. Annual BursaPhotography Days. Alptekin Balo¤lu, the winner in’Fish’ category in the World Underwater PhotographyAwards, Seçkin Yalç›n and Kemal Nurayd›n,who hold the third place in IPA Awards,… READ »

    The Most PrestigiousContest of FolkDances in Turkey, Golden Karagöz

    It is a festival organized by Bursa at internationallevel. The first one was organized as, “Bursa Festivaland Horse Breeding Celebration”. The secondfestival was realized on july and the first year onlya group from Israel and the second year only groupsfrom… READ »

    An Art Activity Became ClassicalBursa Festival

    The arrangement of Ya¤c›lar P›nar› Mevkii, whichwas known for its natural beauty and solitude, as apark area was the begining of the foundation ofBursa Festival and since 1963 it has been organizedwith the name of Bursa Festival. The festival achievedtoday’s… READ »

    Activities and FestivalsCultural Organizations

    International Cultural Organizations are successfullyhosted at Bursa and they contribute significantlyto Bursa becoming a city renowned worldwide.Along with “45th International Bursa Festival”where number of spectators was at a record leveland “20th International Golden Karagöz Folk DancesCompetition” which gathered together the… READ »

    Tofaş Anatolian Cars Museum

    Tofaş Anatolian Cars Museum, opened in an abandonedsilk processing factory covering 30.000 m2area contributed by Metropolitan Municipality, isthe first and only in its field. The old cars used inAnatolia are being exhibited in the museum. Thestory of a development from… READ »

    Hünkar Mansion

    The mansion, situated in Temenyeri district at thehillside of Uluda¤, was built for Sultan Abdulmecit.This elegant building is abundant with adornmentsexternally and internally. This mansion was built ina very short time, 15 days, in French imperial style.Sultan Abdulaziz, upon his… READ »

    The Museum of Mudanya Armistice House

    This is the place where the ceasefire between theTBMM and enemy forces, finishing the Turk-Greekwar on October 11, 1922, was signed. The mansion,situated on the Mudanya Road reflecting the19th century Art Nouveau style, had been used as amuseum since 1937…. READ »

    The Museum of Turkishand Islamic Art(Green Madrasah)

    Green Madrasah, in which first pieces of archaelogicalmuseum were exhibited, was re-planned in1972 and began to serve as the Museum of Turkishand Islamic Art in 1975. In the museum works datingfrom the 12th century to the 20th century areexhibited such… READ »

    Museum of the 17thCentury Ottoman House

    Museum of the 17thCentury Ottoman HouseIt is assumed that in place of wooden house situatedin front of the Külliye of Murad II in Muradiyedistrict, a mansion of Sultan Murat II was present.Today’s house bears the style of the 17th century… READ »

    Forestry Museum

    It is the first and only forestry museum of Turkey.It is situated at the Çekirge street inside the buildingknown as Saatçi Mansion and opened in 1989. Thereare more approximately 2.000 objects exhibitedin the museum including especially animal andplant fossils, devices… READ »

    Hüsnü Züber House,A Living Museum

    The 19th century Ottoman house, served as a StateHostel first and as Russian Consulate afterwards,was restorated by Hüsnü Züber and opened to tourismby Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in 1992.In the museum, the yakma-da¤lama (a method ofwood engraving and processing) collection of… READ »

    Archaelogical Museum

    It serves in a modern building in Kültürpark, andcovers an area of 3.500 m2. There are 4 exhibitionhalls, galleries, and a garden as well as a warehouse,photography room, and library. The main sectionsof the museum is as follows: Art Gallery,… READ »

    Uluumay Ottoman Folk Clothes And Jewelery Museum

    The museum was opened in Ahmet Pafla Madrasahon September 18, 2004, and the Ottoman clothesand jewelery of the Esat Uluumay which have noother example in our country, are exhibited. Thereare 79 clothes and 400 pieces of ethnographic jeweleryexhibited in the… READ »

    MuseumsBursa City Museum

    The City Library of Bursa, opened to visitors onFebruary 14, 2004, in a city which has been the leadingcity in formation and development of Anatolianand Ottoman Culture, reflects all this gloriousrichness of history and culture to the visitor citizensand tourists… READ »


    Bursa, due to its rich and deep historical identity, isa library-rich city. Just beside the Provincial PublicLibrary at ‹pekçilik street, Library of Bursa MetropolitanMunicipality, opened in 1998, continues toserve public.In ‹nebey Manuscripts and Old Printed Books Library,where books belonging to… READ »

    Open-Air Theatre

    The open-ait theatre is located to the North of Kültürpark.It was built in the beginning of 1980s. Itsconstruction was finished very rapidly in order torealize the activities of International Bursa Festivalall together.The steel-construction covering the roof was builtafterwards. It has… READ »

    Theatre in the Midst of Bursa

    The first theatre outside Istanbul was founded inBursa by Ahmet Vefik Pafla and opened its curtainsin 1880. After Ahmet Vefik Pafla had retired fromgovernorship, Theatre of Bursa suspended its activitiesfor a long time. For a period of time, the theatricalacitivities… READ »