Bursa, A City of Immigrant

    Selection of Bursa Cuisine

    Bursa Casserole: The dish prepared by lamb meat,tomato, pepper, mushroom, special spices, was putinto casserole and cooked in the oven. Sultan Plate: Chicken meat, tomato, pepper, mushroom,salt, black pepper, and thyme are kneadedtogether and put into oven. The cooked dish,… READ »

    Dishes of Bursa Cuisine Culture

    Because its climate and geography are convenientfor agriculture, every kind of vegetable and fruitcan be found in Bursa. Due to these positive factors,the cuisine culture of Bursa flourished well.Bursa has 5 dishes well known beyond its borders:‹skender kebap, ‹negöl meatballs,… READ »

    Various Characteristic Features of Bursa

    Traditional Clothes Although these clothes areworn in rural regions, they are abandoned in city life.The traditional mens’ wear in Bursa were: çar›k,wool socks, potur or çak›fl›r, cepken, blouse, andkülah (a kind of hat).The mens’ clothes made from colorful fabrics are… READ »

    Traditional Folk Dances

    Traditional folk-dances of Bursa have a vivid andrhythmic structure. It is played by two or more personsin the form of “greeting and a ring”. It is a teamdance by nature. There are no hand or arm connectionsin regional dances. In… READ »

    Traditional Handcrafts

    Traditional HandcraftsIn Bursa that has a rich past in terms of traditionalhandcraft, silk garment and velvet weaving, towelmanufacturing,dye/paint manufacturing, knife-manufacturing,glassware-making, saddlery, tile-makingand ceramic manufacturing is considerably developed.The knives, which, in the past as well as today, havea special place among… READ »

    Funeral Customs

    They used to place a knife on adead person in order to prevent its belly swell andtie up the jaw of him. The thumbs of the person werebeing tied by a rag. The dead person was first beingcleaned and was… READ »

    Marriage Customs

    The marriages were beginningwith proposals. If the would-be groom likesthe would-be bride, first the family of groom seeksopinion of the other side about this affair. If they seepositive signs upon these inquiries, the familieswould begin to talk with each other…. READ »

    Birth Customs

    The cord of new-born baby is cutand washed in salty water and its eyes are covered.They used to clean the women after birth beforeleave her to rest in bed. The mother was staying inbed for 40 days. Her mother would… READ »



    Bursa is a city formed by immigrations There hasbeen various immigration waves to Bursa alonghistory. During these immigrations, various peopleand populations came to Bursa from various regions.Even Tynis, living here before Turks, had immigratedto this wonderful region from Thrace. Then,Turks… READ »