Bursa Becoming Urbanized In The Way To Europe


    Local governments working towards establishment of”European Union”, first of the 12 fundamental principlesof European Council, are given this award in relationwith their interactions and relations with othercities with different languages, religions and races.This principle envisions nations blending togetherwith the cultures… READ »

    Modern Bursa

    Bursa, one of the leading cities in the economicalstructure of Turkey, is one of the prominent cities indevelopment order and provides much added valueto the economy of nation. With its wide boulevardsand avenues, over 10 thousand streets, many parksand gardens,… READ »

    The Goals is to Create aHealthy City

    Current goal of Bursa is to become a healthy cityand to accelerate healthy urbanization process.Physical, social, economical, environmental, culturaland political classes of the dwellers in cities arebecoming more and more important for the localgovernments each passing day.Quality of urbanization and… READ »

    From Earthen Path to Subway

    Bursa is one of the most important cities in Turkeywith its population coming close to 2.5 millions,advanced industry and cultural identity originatingfrom its historical heritage. Historical city centercontinues to be home for many commercial activitiesand preserves its identity even today.For… READ »

    Steps Taken on the WayTo Planned Urbanization

    Urban structure of Bursa has been shaped around”complexes had made around Mosques” by OttomanSultans. These complexes had been made allaround the city in an orderly manner, possibly accordingto a plan. Behind this, as much as allowingthose who live in the… READ »

    Urbanization Period In Bursa

    Bursa, being located between Asia and Europe, beinga bridge between the Western and Eastern civilizations,has always been among the cities rapidlydeveloping and becoming urbanized under the limelightas a trade community owing to it being onthe crossing of important roads; a… READ »


    With the 1855 earthquake following the great firein 1801, Bursa had to become urbanized all overagain. These disasters, in a way, had created an environmentin Bursa that allowed modern urbanizationto be applied in Bursa and eased the choices tobe made… READ »