Bursa, Changing Within Wheels of Life


    WHAT IS LOCAL AGENDA 21?Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Local Agenda 21 is a platformfor improving democracy where projects based on participationand partnership are implemented in order to betterenvironment and life quality in the line of primary problemsof the city. HOW DOES… READ »

    “Bursa: A Brand Name City”

    When entering the Republican period, Bursa had adeveloped cultural and economic life that far outweighedthat of many cities in Anatolia. Only secondto Istanbul, a theater was opened; a newspapernamed “Hüdavendigar” began to be published andin 1904, the first museum was… READ »

    The Contribution ofNon-Muslims to Bursa

    Although today only 40-50 non-Muslim householdsdwell in Bursa, it is understood from the documentsthat lately, non-Muslims were living herein a very comfortable atmosphere. It can be easilyseen that Christians, Muslims, and Jewish had livedin harmony in Bursa. Jewish people were… READ »

    A City Where CulturesWere Kneaded

    The city of Bursa had been influenced by variouscultural effects. Non-Muslims and muslims had livedtogether for 7 centuries in this city. Just before85 years, the rate of non-Muslim people were exceedingone third of the Muslim population.The rates of non-Muslim population… READ »

    Uludağ University

    It was founded as “Bursa University” in 1975 and isconsisted of 8 faculties, 2 higher education schools,10 occupational higher education schools, 3 institutes,13 research and application centres. Th universitywas founded 18 km to the city centre on 16.000dönüm area and… READ »

    From Madrasah toModern Schools

    The first madrasahs in Ottoman State were openedin ‹znik and Bursa. Although the madrasahs wereseeming civil, after Fatih period they turned into religiouseducation schools. According to documentsof the 16th century, there were 134 neighborhoodschools in Bursa. Between 1905-1906, there were10.471… READ »

    Health Above All

    Darüflflifa, built by Y›ld›r›m Bayezid in Bursa in1390, was the first health institution in OttomanState. In the related documents Darüflflifa is mentionedas T›marhane (Mental hospital) as well. Becausethis hospital was serving the mentally ill patients,too.After the collapse of Darüflflifa in… READ »


    Bursa is preparing for the 21st century with all itsNGOs. Democratic mass organizations are beginningto take part in city administration. There werea lot of foundations and societies have been foundedin order to preserve the natural and cultural soulof Bursa. There… READ »