Bursa Has Witnessed Many Catastrophes

    Bursa, A City Devastated ByEarthquakes

    Bursa is a city located within a region of first gradeearthquake risk, and it has occasionally suffered devastatingand massive earthquakes. We understandthat the devastating earthquakes of Bursa and itssurroundings occur with 100-150 years intervals.The oldest earthquake recorded in our region… READ »


    Bursa has been a victim of fires frequently due toits southwest wind and wooden houses. In a fire occurredon 2 February, 1489, 25 neighborhoods werecompletely burned down. In the fire of 7 August,1491, many monumental buildings in Bursa wereburned. Half… READ »


    While Bursa was facing a new construction wave,at the same time it suffered many catastrophes suchas fire and earthquakes as well. These catastrophesmostly damaged the historical buildings of Bursa.The first significant catastrophe of Bursa was witnessedin 1402 during its invasion… READ »