WHAT IS LOCAL AGENDA 21?Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Local Agenda 21 is a platformfor improving democracy where projects based on participationand partnership are implemented in order to betterenvironment and life quality in the line of primary problemsof the city. HOW DOES… READ »


    Bursa is the only city renowned for its green areas.The green scenery of the city was the mostly citedfeature of Bursa by travellers. Today, in spite ofmassive urbanization, the old plane-trees of Bursaare still uprightly braving and surviving urbanization.  

    Bursa, a Grand Plane-TreeSuffered for Centuries:

    The plane-tree, 599 year old and located in çekirgeon the road to Uluda¤ at ‹nkaya village with the sa-6 5 FROM PRUSA TO BURSATHE CHARACTERISTICATTRIBUTES OF BURSAHistorical ‹nkaya Plane-tree of 600 years age, is one of the most important sites… READ »

    Judas-Tree: The Only FlowerWhich Has A Festivity to ItsName in the World

    Judas-Tree: The Only FlowerWhich Has A Festivity to ItsName in the WorldSince the 14th century, a festivity has been celebratedin the name of a tree for centuries until the RepublicanEra. This celebration named as “Judas-treeFestivity” is attributed to Emir Sultan…. READ »

    “Eat Chestnut, Acquire Merit”

    One of original dishes of Bursa is chestnut. Oncechestnuts were covering a considerable area. Theregion from Yi¤itali village to ‹negöl-Oylat areawas completely covered with chestnut trees. Withindomestic market, grafted chestnuts find more de-FROM PRUSA TO BURSA 66The Judas tree, a… READ »

    Uludağ, From OlymposTowards Kefliş

    Uluda¤ is the highest peak of North-west Anatoliawith its height of 2.543 m. Thus, it is a venue ofmountaineers and trekkers. Uluda¤ had been declaredto be a national park in 1961. It covers 12.762hectares of area. Besides Uluda¤ National Park… READ »

    The Velvet-Like Fruitof Bursa, Peach

    Bursa is a city famous for its peach. Various kindsof peaches are cultivated in Bursa and it is the mostpreferred fruit of summer days. Peach is thought tobe originated from China and spreaded to worldand it is regarded as a… READ »

    Bursa, City of Thermal Baths and Health

    Bursa, City of ThermalBaths and HealthBursa is one of the richest cities in the world interms of bathhouses and especially thermal bath.The earliest citation pertaining to thermal baths ofBursa occurs in conversations of Dion and datesback to year BC 80…. READ »

    Oylat Thermal WatersOylat Thermal Waters

    Oylat Thermal Waters, located on a hillside withgreen valleys surrounding it from both sides, 27 kmsouth of ‹negöl, at the foots of Uluda¤ mountain areideal place to get rid of stress of big cities, to findhealth and to even go… READ »

    A Shadow Play Surviving forSix Centuries, Karagöz

    The shadow play, called as “Karagöz play” amongpeople, has a significant place in cultural life ofTurkish. The investigations about history and originsof Karagöz, revealed that this play has a closerelation with Bursa. Because the main characters ofthis play, Karagöz and… READ »

    Mehter (Janissary Band) was FirstFounded in Bursa

    Mehter group is a musical band. Its origins goesback to Anatolian Seljuklus. It is acknowledgedthat Orhan Bey founded the Mehter after conquestof Bursa. The nephew of Osman Gazi, Ak Timur,may be taken as the first commander of the Mehterband. Because… READ »

    A Dance Without a Music Kılıç-Kalkan (Sword & Shield)Generally

    There are 3 groups of Bursa folkloredances; sword&shield war dance, Uluda¤ Turkomandances, and Thracian folklore. Uluda¤ Turkomandances are played with two or more people byforming a circle, it is a group dance. In regionaldances, mostly people have spoons or bells… READ »

    A Realm of Tiles andCeramics, İznik

    In the excavations realized in ‹znik and its surroundings,ceramic pieces were unearthed belonging toprehistoric ages. The tile masters of ‹znik had organizedin the guilds under the protection of Palaceand adorned the large buildings with tiles. Beginningfrom the 17th century, as… READ »

    The Artisans Turning Metal IntoArt The Cutlers of Bursa

    The art of cutlery was brought to Bursa by Balkanimmigrants after “the war of 93”. Since that date,the occupation of cutlery has been developed andby masters and their apprentices educated by them,has reached the level today it occupies.Knives, having a… READ »

    Bursa, The City of Silk

    Today, sericulture has become a secondary occupationbut once it was constituting the most significantproduction output of Bursa. The sericulture,first stage of silk production, dates back to old times.The sericulture was originated from China andhad begun to spread along the coast… READ »

    “Are You from BursaVelvet Bride?”

    Just as kemha, atlas, kutnu,tafta, vale, and bürümcük;velvet is a kindof silk as well. The Velvetof Bursa, woven in15th-16th centuries withbackcloth and nap of purevelvet, has been a favouriteof people becauseits nap was not droppingeasily and it was not fading… READ »

    Raspberries with a Beautiful Smell

    The foremost income of Keles and Da¤ regions isstrawberry. Bursa strawberry, called as mountains’sstrawberry, is asked for throughout the country. Nearly,600 kinds of strawberry are known and only 6of the well-known are cultivated in our country. Wecan mention these such… READ »

    A Taste DiscoveredBy The People of Bursa

    The candied chestnuts made from the famous chestnutson the hillsides of Uluda¤ are the ones madefrom the chestnets boiled in sugared sherbet. Thevarious kinds of candied chestnuts are one of Bursa’scharacteristic desserts. Candied chestnuts weremade at houses for centuries and… READ »

    Mahlaç, Kelle Cheese ofKaracabey

    This cheese is produced in Karacabey district ofBursa by mixing sheep milk and cow milk. It is amultipored, very salty, original kind of cheese. It isa kelle cheese. Although there is no certain datapertaining to its history, it is presumed… READ »

    A Marvellous Cheese Dessert

    It is a regional dessert made in Mustafa Kemal Pafladistrict and known as “cheese dessert” This desertis made from village cheese. Cheese, flour,egg, and semolina are kneaded together and littlecookies of 3-4 cm diameter are formed and baked.Then they are… READ »

    The Taste Expanding Throughoutthe Globe From Bursa İskender Kebap

    Kebapçı İskender Bey (1848-1934), had invented anew way of cooking kebap by excluding the bonesand nerves of the meatand hanging it ona metal rod inorder to be ableto turn the meataround itself to roasteach side properly. Thus, ‹skender Kebap was… READ »

    Inegöl Meatballs

    It is a special grilled meatball. The meatballs kneadedin big and round pieces, are cooked with grill.The fame of Inegöl meatball is known to entire Turkey.The founder of ‹negöl meatball was a personnamed Mustafa Besler who immigrated to Thrace.The production… READ »

    Kebap With Pide (Flat Bread)

    First, it was the most preferred kebap of Bursa citizensduring months of Ramadan. It is made with anextremely thin pide. The pides cut in square forms,are softened by being submerged into broth. Thenplaced in a large kebap pan properly. In… READ »

    Lets Participate in a”Gezek” in Bursa

    The weekly meetings of people from various professionsand musicians and poets in Bursa were called”Gezek”. These festivities called “Gezek”, inwhich people who like art are meeting each otherand singing classic Turkish music in a discipline,are continuing for centuries. Gezeks have… READ »

    The Only Bridge of Our Countrywith a Bazaar

    It is the first bridge on Gökdere, when descendedtowards the plain from Setbafl› Bridge. It was builtby father of Irgandl› Hodja Muslihiddin, Pir Ali, in1442. It was built as a wooden single gallery andwas including 30 shops. This bridge, having… READ »


    For so many small rivers pas through the City ofBursa and Bursa Plains there are many bridges overthese. A beautiful tradition that had started with Niluferbridge that can be considered the first Ottomanbridge and continued with Irgand› bridgewhich is unique…. READ »

    “Thus, Bursa is Consistedof Water!..”

    The most attractive feature of the city to travellersis the purling waters and fountains in every cornerof the city. The travellers has written a lot of articlesand even books on waters of Bursa.Evliya Çelebi, after coming to Bursa in 1640,… READ »


    Many of the historical fountains have been lost inBursa the city of waters, fountains, because of disasterssuch as earthquakes and fires. Today, “Darüs’saadeA¤as› Fountain”, “Darüs’saade Katibi Fountain”built in the same year, “Kurtbasan Fountain”built in 1851, “Fatma Sultan Çeflmesi” built in1838… READ »

    Bursa, a Spiritual andTolerant City

    Some travellers visiting Bursa were interested in livesof dervishes and their lodges especially at P›-narbafl›. Many travellers have observed way of Dervishlife in Bursa and participated in rituals. J. H. A.Ubicini is relating this feature of Bursa as follows:”Bursa is… READ »


    First synagogue built during the Ottoman Empireby the decree and proclamation of Orhan Gazi isthe Synagogue Ets Ahayim (Life Tree). Followingthis, “Mayor Synagogue” has been built for Jewishimmigrants running from the Island Majorka atSpain seeking sanctuary in Ottoman Empire in… READ »