The Brand ExpandingAcross the World from Bursa:Uludağ Sodapop

    Bursa is an exuberant city giving birth to worldwidebrands. The soda of Uluda¤ is a brand, of whichErbak family has presented to world markets fromBursa. Uluda¤ sodapop and its creator Nuri Erbakare recognized as legends in history of sodapop.The father… READ »

    Once, There Was Only”Kamil Koç” in Transport Services

    Kamil Koç, born in 1902 at Pazaryeri, had enteredinto transport business in 1923 by carrying loadswith his water buffalo-cart between Pazarc›k andBursa. He had obtained a driving licence in 1926and begun to carry passengers between Bursa-Karaköytrain stations. He continued his… READ »

    The First Washing Machine ofTurkey: Tolon

    Kamil Tolon had designed many devices at his littleworkshop in his house. One of them was ironsaw. A businessman of Bursa, Fahri Bat›ca, hadsupported Tolon and assumed the sale of this saw.This device was mass produced by him and is… READ »

    The Brand that Introduced Turkish Towels to World: Özdilek

    Özdilek, founded in Bursa in 1971, is the largestcorporation of towel sector in Turkey with its featuressuch as: a production volume of 9000 tons, 3860personnel, 37 million USD export volume, 150 million USD gross profit. If we take a look… READ »

    The Unrivalled Brand inChestnut: Kafkas

    Kafkas Patisseries illustrious from America to Europe,are today continuing their production in theirmodern facilities covering 6.500 m2 area. The founderof the company, Ali fiakir Tatveren, was born inBitola (Manast›r), Yugoslavia. He has carried thecandy business he learnt from his father,… READ »


    Bursa, a leading culture and science center for centuries,has gave birth to many poets, authors, andscientists. The light formed by the intellectuals ofBursa, has illuminated the city more and more. AsBursa was influenced by its intellectuals, the cityinfluenced its intellectuals… READ »

    Lami’i Çelebi,The Poet Who Wrote the Beutiful Women of Bursa

    A famous Divan Poet. His real name was Mahmut.He was born in Bursa in 1472. Because he used thefluency and beauty of prose, he was called as Lami’i.He was named as Cami-i Rum due to his translationworks on books of… READ »

    The Sultan of Souls: Emir Sultan

    The famous dervish of Bursa. His real name wasSeyyid fiemseddin Mehmet. Ha was born in Buharain 1386. Emir Sultan, settled to Bursa after hisreturn from hadj (pilgrimage), and became a discipleof Molla Fenari. He married with the daughter ofY›ld›r›m Bayez›d,… READ »

    Süleyman Çelebi,The Author of the Mevlid Readfor Centuries

    The famous writer of mevlit and a divan poet ofBursa. He was born in 1351. He was the son of vizierAhmet Pafla. He was also known as SüleymanDede. The poet was the caliph of Emir Sultan, andaccording to some sources,… READ »

    The Humourous Face of Bursa,Cemal Nadir Güler

    Caricature artist. He was born in 1902 in Bursa. Hesucceeded with his contemporaries to make art ofcaricature known by large masses and became veryfamous. His daily caricatures and especially thecharacter of “Amcabey”becamepopular in shorttime. He wrote radiosketches. Hepioneered in publishingof… READ »

    A Painter Like A Color Acrobat: Şefik Bursalı

    He was born in Bursa in1903. During his highschool years, he workedin signboard design businessnext to Cemal Nadir(Güler). He enrolledin Sanayi-i NefiseSchool (Academy ofFine Arts). He becamean academic teacherin State ‹stanbul Fine Arts State Academy andworked here for 30 years…. READ »

    A Legend, Zeki Müren

    A vocal artist, composer, and actor. He was born in1931 in Bursa. He continued his education, begunin Bursa, in the ‹stanbul Bo¤aziçi (Bosphorus)High School. He graduated from the Decorative9 9 FROM PRUSA TO BURSAThe Grave of Suleyman Çelebi Photo By:… READ »

    The Keystone of Bursa,Hacı İvaz Paşa

    Famous administrator, calligrapher, and architectof Bursa. The real name of ‹vaz Pafla was Mehmetand he was estimated because of his order to not toopen the gates of Bursa during invasion of Timurand Karaman. He became vizier during Murat II period.The… READ »

    First Civil President, Celal Bayar

    The statesman of Gemlik Umurbey, and the thirdpresident of Turkey. He was born in 1883 in Umurbey.During the War of Independance he travelledto each village especially in Aegean region andcontributed significantly to the organization of resistance.In 1920, he was elected… READ »

    The Famous Personages of Bursa

    A dnan fienses, Ahmedi, Ahmet Pafla, Aydan fiener,Alptekin Balo¤lu, Ahmet U¤urlu, Behice Boran,Bimen fien, Bursal› Mehmet Tahir, Bülent Ar›nç,Cafer Zorlu, Ceyda Düvenci, Do¤an Avc›o¤lu, EnginÖzendes, Erkan Can, Erdal Özya¤c›lar, ErtemGörenç, Eflref-i Rumi, Feraizcizade Mehmet fiakir,Gazi Ahmet Muhtar Pafla, Halil Ergun,… READ »

    The Wild Trap: Uludağ

    Uludağ, known as Olympos Misios in the antiqueperiod, is one of the first class skiing venues of Turkey.The lower limit of the skiing area is 2.000 mand upper limit 2.453 m. The mountain is usuallycovered with snow during period of… READ »

    The Miniature of Bursa Green:Botanical Garden

    Within scope of green belt, “So¤anl› Botanical garden”had been opened in 1998 in order to providenew resting places, healthy sport complexes andfresh oxygen sources to the city. So¤anl› BotanicalGarden covers an area of 400.000 m2 and compri-1 0 5 FROM… READ »

    The Magical Beauty of Bursa:Bird Heaven

    Bird Heaven, situated at the 45th km of BursaÇanakkaleroad, is one of many natural privileges ofBursa. Especially peacocks and other many birdspecies such as pheasant, partridge are inhabited inBird Heaven as well as blue cypress, yellowishcypress, spruce, cedar which are… READ »

    Bursa Zoo

    Because the preexisting zoo in Kültürpark was provingto be incapable for the needs of developingBursa, the works for founding a new zoo coveringan area of 200.000 m2 beside the Botanical Gardenwas started in 1997 and it was opened to service… READ »

    İznik Lake, “like a Waterof a Well”

    İznik Lake, the largest lake of Marmara Region andthe fifth biggest lake of Turkey, is a tectonic freshwaterlake with a depth of 80m at most. The lake iscompletely surrounded by agricultural areas andolive groves. The area, with cormorants (30 pairs)and… READ »

    The Colors of İznik Lake

    Do you like watching the sunset? Who doesn’t? Ifyou haven’t been there at Iznik during a sunset, trustme, you haven’t started living yet! How many differentcolors can a lake assume, do you think? 5?10? 30? How many? I have given… READ »

    Uluabat, The Lake WithSilver Fish

    This is a lake situated to the North of Marmara Seawith shallow, blurry, eutrophic freshwater attributes.It was formed at the Yeniflehir Bursa Gönendepression area which has a tectonic origin runningalong the eastwest direction. The lake can be roughlysaid to have… READ »

    The Legend of Ulubat Lake

    The brook of Mustafakemalpafla was formerly calledas Ordrises and was pouring into the sea fromBand›rma in these old times. There was a plain inplace of Apolyont Lake, and in this plain, there wasa little kingdom. The king of today’s Mustafakemalpafla,asked… READ »

    Trilye, the UnexploredHeaven of Mudanya Coast

    Trilye, one of the unexplored heavens of Mudanyacoast of Bursa, is a county renowned for its olivesand vines. There are plentiful fishes being fished inthe county and there are 7 churches and 3 sacredsprings said to be remained from Greeks.The… READ »

    Gölyazı, The Village of Fisherwome

    One of the unique beauties existing within bordersof Bursa is the Gölyaz› village located on the coastof Uluabat Lake. The trees submerging under waterhalfway to their trunks because of the elevating waterlevel, ducks cruising like a neverending sweetmelody on the… READ »

    The Address of Purityand Greenery:2000 year old Misi Village

    The first name of Gümüfltepe village, which has avery old history, is known to be Misipolis. Misi villageis located 12 km to the centre of Bursa andwelcomes its visitors as a beauty lost nothing fromits natural charm. The historical village,… READ »

    An Alive Ottoman Village,Cumalıkızık

    It is one of the 5 k›z›kl› villages situated at the hillsidesof Uluda¤, east of Bursa on the Ankara road13 km to Bursa. It is a village of Orhan Gazi Foundation.Cumal›k›z›k village, with its 700 year ofhistory, is one of… READ »

    The Venue of Waterfalls: Su uçtu

    Su Uçtu is located 10 km to Mustafa Kemal Pafla andit fulfills dreams of whom want to be all alone withmother nature. The 11 waterfalls which the regionowes its name, have the power to wipe out the entiretiredness you feel…. READ »

    Saitabat Falls

    Saitabat, a place surrounded by absolute greeneryand planetrees, is situated 12 km to Bursa. The canyonwhich the falls located at the hillside of Uluda¤pours down, is an indispensable venue for peoplewho are interested in nature sports. There are picnicsites around… READ »

    Bursa, a City Between Two DoorsHistorical Sites

    Bursa has been a bridge for many civilisations dueto its geographical position. A bridge between Ottomanand Republican periods, a bridge betweenEast and West…Il›p›nar tumulus indicates that Bursa and the culturesurrounding it, is a crossing point of Mesopotamianand Eastern civilisations to… READ »