New Cable Car Line BetweenThe City and Uludag

    Metropolitan Municipality who wishes to transformBursa into a cultural and tourism center withits unique historical and cultural values, is workingon renewing the cable car line, one of the manysymbols of Bursa, and extending the line from Sar›alan to Hotels District…. READ »

    Bursaray is Continuing with Speed

    Construction of Stage B of Bursaray, of which foundationceremony Prime Minister Recep TayyipErdo¤an was present, which will extend it to Yıldırım is continuing with speed. Bursaray Stage B isplanned to be completed within 2 years.  

    Polluting Industry toGo Outside the City

    While the Metropolitan Municipality adds worldwideprojects to Bursa and carries on with relevantconstructions, it conducts projects for moving thepolluting industries inside the city, out of the city.Works are in progress to move the ‘unhealthy organizations’such as the tradesmen and manufacturersof… READ »

    Bursa: A City of History,Culture and Art

      Also attending to the historical heritage in Bursa,the Metropolitan Municipality has begun to put toservice a great many of cultural-heritage projects,mainly the Balibey Inn. Necessary works have begunfor the unearthing of the Inns Area and for theArrangement of Emirsultan… READ »

    Social Projects to Communewith People

    Social projects conducted especially with the cooperationof Metropolitan Municipality and civilcommunity organizations in Bursa include worksthat set an example in the view of encouraging citydwellers to support each other and assist those whoare in need.With the projects along with medicine… READ »

    Everything is for a Healthy City…

    …and Bursa who has realized a first in Turkey andwho has been the pioneer of a project which will bean example for all other cities has established the”Union of Healthy Cities of Turkey” in order to callattention to the concept… READ »


    The first consule of Christianity was convenedbetween May 20 -July 25 325 in Bursa. The fundamentalrules of the Christianity was determined inthis consule.‹znik became the first capital of AnatolianSeldjuklu State in 1081.‹znik became the capital of Byzantine in 1204.Ottoman State… READ »