The Famous Personages of Bursa

    The Famous Personages of Bursa

    A dnan fienses, Ahmedi, Ahmet Pafla, Aydan fiener,Alptekin Balo¤lu, Ahmet U¤urlu, Behice Boran,Bimen fien, Bursal› Mehmet Tahir, Bülent Ar›nç,Cafer Zorlu, Ceyda Düvenci, Do¤an Avc›o¤lu, EnginÖzendes, Erkan Can, Erdal Özya¤c›lar, ErtemGörenç, Eflref-i Rumi, Feraizcizade Mehmet fiakir,Gazi Ahmet Muhtar Pafla, Halil Ergun,… READ »

    First Civil President, Celal Bayar

    The statesman of Gemlik Umurbey, and the thirdpresident of Turkey. He was born in 1883 in Umurbey.During the War of Independance he travelledto each village especially in Aegean region andcontributed significantly to the organization of resistance.In 1920, he was elected… READ »

    The Keystone of Bursa,Hacı İvaz Paşa

    Famous administrator, calligrapher, and architectof Bursa. The real name of ‹vaz Pafla was Mehmetand he was estimated because of his order to not toopen the gates of Bursa during invasion of Timurand Karaman. He became vizier during Murat II period.The… READ »

    A Legend, Zeki Müren

    A vocal artist, composer, and actor. He was born in1931 in Bursa. He continued his education, begunin Bursa, in the ‹stanbul Bo¤aziçi (Bosphorus)High School. He graduated from the Decorative9 9 FROM PRUSA TO BURSAThe Grave of Suleyman Çelebi Photo By:… READ »

    A Painter Like A Color Acrobat: Şefik Bursalı

    He was born in Bursa in1903. During his highschool years, he workedin signboard design businessnext to Cemal Nadir(Güler). He enrolledin Sanayi-i NefiseSchool (Academy ofFine Arts). He becamean academic teacherin State ‹stanbul Fine Arts State Academy andworked here for 30 years…. READ »

    The Humourous Face of Bursa,Cemal Nadir Güler

    Caricature artist. He was born in 1902 in Bursa. Hesucceeded with his contemporaries to make art ofcaricature known by large masses and became veryfamous. His daily caricatures and especially thecharacter of “Amcabey”becamepopular in shorttime. He wrote radiosketches. Hepioneered in publishingof… READ »

    Süleyman Çelebi,The Author of the Mevlid Readfor Centuries

    The famous writer of mevlit and a divan poet ofBursa. He was born in 1351. He was the son of vizierAhmet Pafla. He was also known as SüleymanDede. The poet was the caliph of Emir Sultan, andaccording to some sources,… READ »

    The Sultan of Souls: Emir Sultan

    The famous dervish of Bursa. His real name wasSeyyid fiemseddin Mehmet. Ha was born in Buharain 1386. Emir Sultan, settled to Bursa after hisreturn from hadj (pilgrimage), and became a discipleof Molla Fenari. He married with the daughter ofY›ld›r›m Bayez›d,… READ »

    Lami’i Çelebi,The Poet Who Wrote the Beutiful Women of Bursa

    A famous Divan Poet. His real name was Mahmut.He was born in Bursa in 1472. Because he used thefluency and beauty of prose, he was called as Lami’i.He was named as Cami-i Rum due to his translationworks on books of… READ »


    Bursa, a leading culture and science center for centuries,has gave birth to many poets, authors, andscientists. The light formed by the intellectuals ofBursa, has illuminated the city more and more. AsBursa was influenced by its intellectuals, the cityinfluenced its intellectuals… READ »