The Producing Bursa

    And Bursa on the Way to Europe

    Bursa, a member of many national and internationalinstitutions, has been awarded with European CityPrize and is also a member of European Healthy CitiesNetwork within framework of World Health Organization-Healthy Cities Project. Bursa is preparingfor the European Union with all its… READ »

    Bursa, a Base of Export

    Bursa is a city full of advantages in developmentand industrialization due to its close location toWest and harbors.The firms of Bursa have realized significant exportnumbers during the previous 5-year period. Bursa,the fourth largest province of Turkey, has an activerole in… READ »

    4% of the Workplaces in Turkey Are in Bursa

    According to datas of DIE (State Statistics Institute),there are more than 78.000 workplaces in Bursaand this number corresponds to the 4% of overallTurkey. There are approximately 30.000 industrialproduction workplaces in various sizes such as atelier,workshop, factory and around 48.000 workplacesof… READ »

    A Break on the Silk RoadTrade

    Bursa had been an important thread and weavingcenter both in Ottoman State and throughout theworld since the 15th century. Bursa was not just acenter of production, but also a distribution point ofsilky products which were sold across the entireworld. The… READ »

    A Geography Where EverythingCan be CultivatedThe Agricultural Structure

    Along with Tanzimat, the property right was establishedand the lands belonging to State began tochange to hand and gain individual property status.Undoubtedly cereals were constituting the largestoutput of Turkey in agricultural activities. The cerealswere sold in the Cereal Bazaar which… READ »

    Record Exports inAutomotive Sector

    In accordance with Uluda¤ Exporters Union records,in the automotive sector, 1991 September-December values of 163 millions 753 thousand dollarshave been increasing annually since then exceptfor the year 1993.The sector has reached its peak value of 10 billion7058 millions 806 thousand… READ »

    The City Which Wrote the Historyof Automobiles

      Automotive IndustryThe other important industries in Bursa are automotiveindustry which includes; production of automobileand their various spare parts. Today thereare 3 automobile factories in Bursa in which, passengerautomobiles can be produced in two and minibusesin one of them and… READ »

    Bursa Like a Silk Textile Industry

    The economy of Bursa during Byzantine and Ottomanperiods was dependent on production of silkthread and this condition was continued until theend of the 19th century; The sericulture conservedits place as the foremost industrial output. The producednatural silks were sold abroad…. READ »