The Rulers of Bursa


    Being a village attached to Orhaneli for many years,the name most probably originates from the refugeescoming from the Keles Region in CentralAsia. It became a subdistrict and district center in1931 and 1953, respectively.Majority of the inhabitants of the district engagewith… READ »


    Located 96 km to the south of Bursa, Büyükorhanwas most probably a tiny village established in the16th century. It remained attached to Orhaneli until1987,when it became a district. As a settlementconsisting of three nomad groups, it was named“Orhan-I Kebir” after… READ »


    Located to the south of Bursa, Harmanc›k was firsta subdistrict attached to Orhaneli District and in1987, it was made a district under the law no. 3392.Veysio¤lu, the notable of the Mountain locality,lived at his mansion at the district center, formerlyknown… READ »


    Originally named Adranos, Orhaneli, located to thesouth of Bursa, was named after Hadrianus, theRoman Emperor. It was renamed Orhaneli in 1913after Orhan Bey who conquered the region.Remaining for a long time as the center of districtsof Harmanc›k, Keles and Büyükorhan… READ »


    Because it is the first city established by the OttomanState it was called Yeniflehir (New City). Possessinga rich and fertile plain, Yeniflehir, becamethe first capital city of the Ottoman State in 1302.Because of this, Yeniflehir harbors numerous historicalmonuments and it… READ »


    The former name of Orhangazi to the west of IznikLake was Pazarköy. Originally established with thename, Basilinopolis in 4th century B.C. remainedfor a long time as a village attached to Iznik. Itbecame a district center in 1893.It was renamed Orhangazi… READ »


    Originally known as Kirmasti, M.Kemalpafla was aByzantine city. Because he saved our country andthis district, it was renamed “Mustafakemalpafla” in1922 after our savior.The population in the district center exceeds 100thousand. Industry based on agriculture has beendeveloped in the district. In… READ »


    The old name for Karacabey, located to the west ofBursa, was Michaelic. Michaelic founded duringthe Byzantine Period was named Karacabey afterDay› (Uncle) Karacabey.Industry in Karacabey has been developed uponagriculture and besides its tomato paste and flourfactories, it has created the… READ »


    Located to the east of the lake that carries its name,Iznik was established 2400 years ago. Deriving itsold name from Nicaea, Iznik harbors a large numberof monuments dating back to the Roman,Byzantine and early Ottoman Periods. Iznik wasthe city where… READ »


    Name of Inegöl established in the Roman Periodprobably originates from Angelokome. Located tothe east of Bursa and where about 200 thousand peoplelive, is today an important industrial center.Timber products industry and particularly furnitureindustry has been developed very much in the… READ »


    Formerly called Kebir/Büyük Susurluk, a municipalorganization was established on 1 March 1930in Gürsu and it was named Gürsu in 1931. Whilebeing a subdistrict attached to Y›ld›rim CentralDistrict, it became a district under a law No. 3644dated 9 May 1990.Located to… READ »


    Name of Kestel, established as a headquarters ofthe Governor during the Byzantine Period, originatedfrom Castellium/Castulus’. Old Kestel Castlehas become the symbol of the district center.Situated to the east of Bursa, the district center wasoriginally 10 km away from the city… READ »


    Established as an Ionian colony in the 7th centuryB.C., Mudanya was first named Mirleia, thenApamia and finally Montania. Name ‘Mudanya’came from a change of Montania. Being a villageattached to Kite/Ürünlü for many years, Mudanyabecame a district center in the 19th… READ »

    Other DistrictsGemlik

    Situated to the northeast of Bursa by 32 km and ona bay named after it, which is the quietest bay of theSea of Marmara, Gemlik is the most ancient city ofBursa established in Bursa about three millenniaago. Its name was… READ »


    Named after the buildings complex constructed bySultan Bayez›t I. Established to the east of Bursa,Y›ld›r›m is bigger than many of the provinces inTurkey in terms of population and area. It has anarea of 397 sq. kilometers and a population of… READ »


    Named after the Nilüfer Rivulet, which was namedafter the attractive wife of Orhan Ghazi, Nilüfer. AtNilüfer, one of the central districts of Bursa,Tepecik Tumulus at Alaaddinbey Village, AkçalarAktoprak Tumulus, Akçalar Aktoprakl›k Tumulus,Kite/Ürünlü, Gölyaz› and Tahtal› Village are zonesthat have been… READ »

    Bursa’s DistrictsCentral Districts Osmangazi

    Established on 18.06.1987 under the Law No.3391, Osmangazi Municipality is the largest andmost populated of the three districts of Bursa. Osmangaziis the largest district and Municipality ofthe Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa and also theone with the most problems in terms… READ »

    Bursa Municipality, From Çardak to Metropolitan Status

    One of the laws issued by Ottomans pertaining tocity adminitration was “The law of Bursa municipality”.Kad›s were the adminitrators of the districts/subdistricts.They were acting as an administrative of-ficial besides their function as judges. In a sense,they were like mayor of… READ »

    From Hüdavendigar to Bursa Administration of the Vilayet (Province)

    After Fatih declared ‹stanbul as the new capital ofOttoman Empire, Bursa was called as “Vilayet ofHüdavendigar”, and governed by a mutasarr›f after1844. In 1864, it was granted the status of “eyalet”and began to be governed by “governors” since1867. This promotion… READ »


    We see that Bursa, a city which had been the capitalof the Ottoman Empire for a long time, governedby administrators called “Sancakbeyi”, “Kad›”, and”Subafl›”. Thus, the first officials Osman Gazi appointedwhen he conquered the surrounding districtsof Bursa, were “Kad›” and… READ »