Street of the Nights; Arap Şükrü

    The most important type of entertainment in Bursais the promenade culture. The lively and greenpromenades all around the city and surroundingshave been the most important places of entertainmentfor the people of Bursa. Promenades such asTemenyeri, P›narbafl›, Veyselkarani, Acemler andGeçit gibi… READ »

    Fair TourismTÜYAP Bursa InternationalFair and Congress Centre

    This centre, managed by TÜYAP Bursa Fuarc›l›, is the largest fair and congress centre of SouthMarmara. It covers 119 m2 total area and includes15.000 m2 covered space and 20.000 m2 open spaceand presents international quality fair services. Itencompasses two fair… READ »

    Thermal Tourism andThermal Springs

    For centuries, people around the world have cometo thermal springs of Bursa to find a cure for theirdisease. Dr. Bernard, an investigator, was the firstto write that each thermal spring of Bursa is goodfor different diseases.FROM PRUSA TO BURSA 116Ayasofya… READ »


    Uludag, the cradle of winter tourism and skiing, isbeing used as a trekking area in summer. Thus, ithas been opened to tourism in all seasons of the year.Uluda¤ embraces a different view by melting ofthe snow-covered hills due to summer… READ »

    Alternative TourismFaith Tourism

    Bursa is the leading city of which have hostedmany civilisations and religions. There are manymonuments of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism inBursa. The 1st and the 7th Consuls dated respectivelyto 325 and 787 assembled in ‹znik. ‹znik isone of the 8… READ »

    İznik, the City Blessedby the Gods

    Delbeuf, upon visiting the magical city of ‹znik hassaid the following words: “I don’t think there can bea city which can voice the memories of past as livelyas here”. ‹znik city is one of the foremost touristicplaces of Bursa.‹znik is… READ »

    A Synthesis In Architecture

    The similarity between the early Ottoman periodarchitecture and late Byzantine architecture, is indeedvery significant. Because the Anatolian Greeksworking for Byzantines worked for Ottomansafter the conquest of Bursa. This event, in time,bred an Ottoman synthesis influenced by Turkishand Islamic way of… READ »

    Çekirge Hammam

    It was built in 1365 and its walls were covered withcut stones and bricks. The domes were later coveredby concrete externally. Çekirge Hammam(Bathhouse) is under protection like some other historicalbathouses built before 1389 such as; Nal›nc›lar (Tah›l) Bathhouse, Ördekli and… READ »

    Koza Inn

    The “Koza Inn” situated between Ulucami (Ulumosque) and Orhan Mosque, was built by Bayez›dII in 1490 in order to receive income for works ofcharity. This is the most beautiful and most frequentlyused two-storey inn of Bursa. The inn is locatedaround… READ »

    Pirinç Inn

    Pirinç Inn was built by Sultan Bayez›d II in 1508 tocollect charity. It was built around a large gardenwith two-storey arcades and rooms behind them.There are 38 rooms upstairs and 40 rooms downstairs.There is a historical plane-tree of 7.10 m…. READ »

    Ulu Mosque(Grand Mosque)

    The mosque had had been built by Y›ld›r›m Beyazidin 1400. Ulucami, with its twenty domes restingon twelve feet, is the most important historical placeat the city center. Walls of the mosque had beenbuilt by using all smooth, cut stones. Minbar… READ »

    Tophane, “fiol Gümüfllü Kubbe”(Silvered Dome)

    Osman Gazi had died before conquering Bursa in1324. Before his death, he had bequeathed to be buriedto the Gümüfllü Kubbe which can be seen evenfrom far. Gümüfllü Kubbe was the monastery of SaintHelie where Osman and Orhan Gazi were buried.It… READ »

    Muradiye, “The Bitter Fruitof Patience”

    “In this extremely quiet and dreamlike site whichconstitutes Bursa, there is especially one more place.The cemetery around mosque of Muradiye…There are tombs of a few former sultans lyinghere under the shadow of high planetrees and towerlikecypresses.” (Pierre Loti, 1924).Undoubtedly, the… READ »

    Green Tomb, The SiteWhere Death is Blessed

    “Suns born and dieUnder the golden domes of BursaOver a hill at YefliltepeÇelebi Mehmet lies.”The Green Tomb mentioned in beautiful verses ofSuat Arsal, is undoubtedly one of the symbols ofBursa. One of the most beautiful districts of Bursais named after… READ »

    Emirsultan, a Flame Among the Cypresses

    Emirsultan, with minarets racing with cypresses towardsthe sky, and its district; appears on a hill ofBursa overlooking Uluda¤. Emirsultan district, justlike the place of its founder in hearts of people, hasbeen situated at a higher than the ground level withall… READ »

    Bursa, a City Between Two DoorsHistorical Sites

    Bursa has been a bridge for many civilisations dueto its geographical position. A bridge between Ottomanand Republican periods, a bridge betweenEast and West…Il›p›nar tumulus indicates that Bursa and the culturesurrounding it, is a crossing point of Mesopotamianand Eastern civilisations to… READ »

    Saitabat Falls

    Saitabat, a place surrounded by absolute greeneryand planetrees, is situated 12 km to Bursa. The canyonwhich the falls located at the hillside of Uluda¤pours down, is an indispensable venue for peoplewho are interested in nature sports. There are picnicsites around… READ »

    The Venue of Waterfalls: Su uçtu

    Su Uçtu is located 10 km to Mustafa Kemal Pafla andit fulfills dreams of whom want to be all alone withmother nature. The 11 waterfalls which the regionowes its name, have the power to wipe out the entiretiredness you feel…. READ »

    An Alive Ottoman Village,Cumalıkızık

    It is one of the 5 k›z›kl› villages situated at the hillsidesof Uluda¤, east of Bursa on the Ankara road13 km to Bursa. It is a village of Orhan Gazi Foundation.Cumal›k›z›k village, with its 700 year ofhistory, is one of… READ »

    The Address of Purityand Greenery:2000 year old Misi Village

    The first name of Gümüfltepe village, which has avery old history, is known to be Misipolis. Misi villageis located 12 km to the centre of Bursa andwelcomes its visitors as a beauty lost nothing fromits natural charm. The historical village,… READ »

    Gölyazı, The Village of Fisherwome

    One of the unique beauties existing within bordersof Bursa is the Gölyaz› village located on the coastof Uluabat Lake. The trees submerging under waterhalfway to their trunks because of the elevating waterlevel, ducks cruising like a neverending sweetmelody on the… READ »

    Trilye, the UnexploredHeaven of Mudanya Coast

    Trilye, one of the unexplored heavens of Mudanyacoast of Bursa, is a county renowned for its olivesand vines. There are plentiful fishes being fished inthe county and there are 7 churches and 3 sacredsprings said to be remained from Greeks.The… READ »

    The Legend of Ulubat Lake

    The brook of Mustafakemalpafla was formerly calledas Ordrises and was pouring into the sea fromBand›rma in these old times. There was a plain inplace of Apolyont Lake, and in this plain, there wasa little kingdom. The king of today’s Mustafakemalpafla,asked… READ »

    Uluabat, The Lake WithSilver Fish

    This is a lake situated to the North of Marmara Seawith shallow, blurry, eutrophic freshwater attributes.It was formed at the Yeniflehir Bursa Gönendepression area which has a tectonic origin runningalong the eastwest direction. The lake can be roughlysaid to have… READ »

    The Colors of İznik Lake

    Do you like watching the sunset? Who doesn’t? Ifyou haven’t been there at Iznik during a sunset, trustme, you haven’t started living yet! How many differentcolors can a lake assume, do you think? 5?10? 30? How many? I have given… READ »

    İznik Lake, “like a Waterof a Well”

    İznik Lake, the largest lake of Marmara Region andthe fifth biggest lake of Turkey, is a tectonic freshwaterlake with a depth of 80m at most. The lake iscompletely surrounded by agricultural areas andolive groves. The area, with cormorants (30 pairs)and… READ »

    Bursa Zoo

    Because the preexisting zoo in Kültürpark was provingto be incapable for the needs of developingBursa, the works for founding a new zoo coveringan area of 200.000 m2 beside the Botanical Gardenwas started in 1997 and it was opened to service… READ »

    The Magical Beauty of Bursa:Bird Heaven

    Bird Heaven, situated at the 45th km of BursaÇanakkaleroad, is one of many natural privileges ofBursa. Especially peacocks and other many birdspecies such as pheasant, partridge are inhabited inBird Heaven as well as blue cypress, yellowishcypress, spruce, cedar which are… READ »

    The Miniature of Bursa Green:Botanical Garden

    Within scope of green belt, “So¤anl› Botanical garden”had been opened in 1998 in order to providenew resting places, healthy sport complexes andfresh oxygen sources to the city. So¤anl› BotanicalGarden covers an area of 400.000 m2 and compri-1 0 5 FROM… READ »

    The Wild Trap: Uludağ

    Uludağ, known as Olympos Misios in the antiqueperiod, is one of the first class skiing venues of Turkey.The lower limit of the skiing area is 2.000 mand upper limit 2.453 m. The mountain is usuallycovered with snow during period of… READ »