Even though it was not included in this term’s program, in order to introduce comfortable and modern transportation with eastern end of the city, a tender was lodged for Bursa railway Kestel route. The 8 km. route will have 7 stations and the three bridges on the route will be expanded by the District Directorate of Highways. Within the scope of the project submerging road will be built in the Esenevler District and wheeled transportation will also move more freely without getting stopped by traffic lights. After the tender with the completion of the legal process construction will begin. The target is to finish the project which will connect eastern parts of the city with the western parts in two years at the latest. With the addition of Kestel route to the Emek and Gorukle routes a total of 17 km railway system will be completed in just one term. Kestel route will especially free the Ankara highway traffic considerably when it’s put into service.  Passengers who normally go from Kestel and Gursu to Bursa by minibuses will now use the supplementary lines to get to Bursa railway stations. As the passengers enjoy direct transportation with Bursa Railway, the traffic congestion on the highways will be reduced.