As the Bursa Railway investments continue, transportation problem at the city centre is being resolved by ring tramway routes. Working with Istanbul Ulaşım Ltd. Co., an expert in this area, the project planning for Heykel-Garaj tramway route is soon to be completed.  The one line, 6 km. route which starts from Santral Garaj  and moves on to Darmstadt St., Stadyum St., Altıparmak St., Atatürk St., İnönü St., Uluyol St.and from there back to Santral Garaj is at its final stages of planning. The route encircles an area rich of history and carries great importance in turning the city into pedestrian traffic. The project introduces city center with modern transportation, and according to its timetable the track-laying should be completed by the end of this year and trial runs should start next year. The fact that the first locally manufactured tramways, manufactured by Durmazlar Machinery, under the leadership of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, are to be used in this route increases the importance of the project. With the actualization of this project in this area that has the highest traffic and pedestrian intensity, a pedestrian-centered project will be put in action. When the shared taxis (dolmus) that cause the highest congestion in traffic are removed from traffic and the bus routes are reorganized, the historic region will be free from both exhaust gas pollution and noise pollution.  Public transportation will be modernized with the  loop routes between Gokdere-Baglaralti and Emirsultan-Dikkaldırım.