Work continues full speed on the new cable-car project to turn Uludag, one of the most important winter tourism spots in Turkey, into a center of attraction once again. According to the project, the existing cable car which was planned in 1955 and started running in 1963 will be modernized top to bottom and will reach the Hotels Region. The 8.84 km. line will be the longest in the world by adding the Hotels Region station to the already existing Teferruc, Kadiyayla and Sarialan stations. After renovating the entire cable-car line, 175 gondola type cabins with capacity of eight people per cabin will help avoid long waiting in line periods.  As the capacity of passengers transported per hour goes up to 1800 people, family cabins and VIP cabins will also be put into use. The project will be implemented by the build-operate-transfer model and 24 hour non-stop direct transfer will be possible between Teferruc and Hotels Region. The project is scheduled to be completed in two years. The current stations will also be completely renovated as part of the project. At the Teferruc station which is the starting point of the cable-car, a cable-car museum, a supermarket, 50 shops, a 50 room hotel and a multi-purpose hall as well as a cafeteria and restaurant will be available.