The future of transportation is reshaped with the Transportation Master Plan

The future of transportation is reshaped with the “The Master Plan of Transportation within the city limits and immediate surroundings of Bursa Cosmopolitan Municipality” which is carried out by the German Brenner Company under the consultancy of Istanbul Technical University and targets the year 2030. Residents who face transportation problems are also included in the planning stage and as a preliminary study of the Master Plan 55000 people in 14000 households and 20000 drivers at five different sections were interviewed to determine the issues one by one. In order to determine the city’s vision of transportation the current situation will be clearly revealed by making video recordings at the exits of eight major parking lots, 70 intersections and 66 main routes. The process consists of two stages, the first of which is the action planning stage that has to be put into practice by 2014. Suggestions for solutions will be prepared for areas that need immediate attention in line with this plan. In the second stage of planning the city’s vision of transportation will be determined until the year 2030. The density of residential buildings, distribution of medical and educational facilities around the city are only some of the many criteria that will be evaluated during the planning. New routes for rail way systems, intersection points and where new roads need to be built will be ascertained by scientific data.